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Proof Of The Earning Potential Using AffiloJetpack

Just to give you an idea of what kind of money I’m talking about when I say this system is effective, I’ve taken some screenshots of recent data from a few of my Clickbank accounts and pasted them below. This is just a small snapshot of what I’ve been doing lately using this exact money making system.

These are just some of the commissions I made in the first few days of June, not even including my dozens of smaller affiliate accounts which add up to a lot of money in their own right. In fact, one recent promotion to a list was able to make nearly $40,000 in just a handful of days – all from a single product.

This is a system that works – one that works so well that I’ve duplicated it dozens of times in a huge number of niches. And if you’ve read anything about Internet marketing, you know that a sound system is the first step to success.

Notice, I said a “sound system”. This is a method that has been tested, plotted, and carefully implemented dozens of times to great success.

So, I know for a fact that when you take a closer look at the 5 Steps I’ve been using to generate super affiliate commissions, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible.

If you’re ready to get started, let’s dive into the system and get you started making some serious cash.

What Makes The AffiloJetpack So Powerful?

  • It makes it easier to make sales from your website. (That means more money for you.)
  • It increases the chance of you making multiple sales to the same person. (That means more money for you.)
  • It gives you the same tool that big marketers use to basically “print money”, just by sending out a couple of emails. (Much, much more money for you. This is how big-time marketers can make tens of thou- sands of dollars in the space of a few days.)
  • It makes you immune to search engine algorithm changes. (Meaning that Google can’t kill your business overnight.)
  • It’s something that will continue to work for years and years to come. (That means you just need to follow the formula once, and then sit back and rake in the profits year after year.)
  • It works on auto-pilot. (Meaning that if you just want a passive income, you can just leave it to run by itself.)
  • It’s something you can feel good about. (You’ll be creating something that helps people, so you can be proud to show it to friends and family.)

Sound good? Here’s a quick overview of how the whole system works. I’ll show you how to put it all together a bit later in this report.

How The AffiloJetpack Works: A Quick Overview

A visitor arrives at your website:

Someone search the internet or reading an article that lands on your website.

He is offered a free gift:

A free downloadable book on a topic he’s really interested in. All he has to do to receive this book is enter his email address, and the download link is emailed to him.

He enters his email address to sign up, and he receives the free gift

He begins to trust you and your website because you gave him something really useful for free.

He begins receiving newsletter emails:

These emails are well-written and interesting. The visitor enjoys receiving and reading these emails every few days. He trusts you even more.

The emails recommend products that help solve his problems

The visitor knows you and trusts you, so he’s more likely to listen to your recom- mendations and check them out. If he buys one of the products you mention in the emails, you get a commission.

You continue emailing a few times per week.

Over the course of a year this one visitor could end up buying several products you’ve recommended to help him solve his problems.

The Results?

You get a lot more money out of your website than if you’d just built a website and plopped a few ads on it.

There are two reasons why this system dramatically increases the amount of money you can make from your website:

You increase your chances of making ANY sale.

Without a system like this a visitor might come to your site, click on an ad, decide no to buy anything, and just like that... they’re gone. But with a system like this you grab your visitor’s email address. Even if they leave your website and never come back, you can still keep promoting to them.

You increase your chances of making MULTIPLE sales.

Without a system like this the best case you can hope for is that someone will buy something. You’ll make one sale. But with a system like this you can keep selling to them again and again. Instead of making $30 from just one sale, you can now make $30 + $67 + $28 + $18 ... lots more sales and lots more money from the same visitor.

And here’s how you earn the REAL big bucks...

If you have a newsletter list full of people you can email, whenever there is a big promotion happening for something you think your readers would be interested in, you can email them to let them know about it and earn MASSIVE commissions.

The bigger your list, the more you make. This is how I’ve been able to make $40,000 in just a few days: I mail out to my list letting them know a promotion is coming up, I get them excited about it, and then I email them again when it launches. Then I email again to remind them about it before the promotion ends.

It’s a really easy way to get a massive cash injection.

The true dollar value of a subscriber will shock you...

Once you’ve got people to opt into your list, you won’t believe how much money those subscribers are worth. It varies for each niche and each list, but I normally work on the assumption that each email address on one of my lists is worth $5 -$15 to me per year.

So for me, a list with 5000 people on it is worth between $25,000 and $75,000 per year. A list with 20,000 subscribers is worth $100,000 to $300,000 per year. I have some lists with even more subscribers than that.


The first step towards building your own hugely profitable money-making machine is to find yourself a niche where there are a lot of quality products that you can promote, and where there’s a lot of money to be made.

A lot of research goes into finding a niche that works well with my system. I could show you how I do it, but then we’d be here all day. To keep it simple and get you started faster, I’m just going to give you the 11 most profitable niches I know.

These are niches where success is almost guaranteed because there is SO much money to be made. You don’t have to be a big player in these niches to be making really good money.

The top 11 most profitable niches (in no particular order)

#1 Weight loss

This is a HUGE niche that appeals to a very wide audience. Pretty much everyone is interested in losing weight at some point in their lives. You don’t even necessarily need to focus your website on weight loss. Any website that appeals to women aged 35+ can make good sales of weight loss products.

#2 Dog training

This is an unusual (and fantastic) niche because with 500 dog breeds and around 15 common dog behavior problems there a THOUSANDS of search terms to target. A misbehaving dog is a big problem, so these people are willing to spend money on a solution. People in this niche are passionate about their dogs and love learning about them and spending money on them. Good news for you!

#3: Self-help

I call this the “health, wealth, romance and mindset” niche. It’s actually a cross-section of a lot of other niches — basically anything to do with improving yourself, your relationships or your situation in life. People in this niche tend to be ADDICTED to self-help products. They don’t see a problem in spending money on multiple products because they’re investing in themselves. Great opportunities for ongoing commissions here.

#4: Dating and relationships for men

Subscribers to a newsletter list in this niche tend to stay subscribed for years, because it's something that almost all men have an ongoing interest in, whether they're partnered up or not. It is, in essence, a men's "self help" niche. If you have a list in this niche you can promote products even if they're not directly related to attracting women: General relationship products, self-help products, muscle-building products, weight loss products ... even make-money-online products!

#5: Dating and relationships for women

I have a lot of personal experience in this niche. I myself have done 7 figures in revenue in the past 12 months, and I personally know dozens of others doing 6-figures or more. There are a LOT of high quality, high converting products to promote. It’s an absolute dream for affiliates. There are also a lot of places to advertise, and a lot of potential for traffic and conversions. I personally love this niche.

#6: Make money online (Internet marketing)

Of all the niches, this one delivers the average dollars per subscriber due to the high price of products you’ll promote and the passion/pain experienced by prospects. Many prospects will see these products as being good investments, so conversions can be relatively high. It’s not unusual for affiliates (like you) with a big subscriber list to earn tens of thousands of dollars from the launch of one $2000 product. (These sorts of launches happen very regularly in this niche.)

#7: Making money (in general)

Slightly different from the “make money online” niche, but with a lot of crossover. These people might not be specifically interested in making money online. They’re just interested in business opportunities in general: Things like equities and stocks, forex, real estate strategies, etc. Again, lots of big-ticket products for you to promote, with big commissions.

#8: Spirituality and alternative beliefs

Closely related to the self-help niche, with a big crossover in demographics. Subscribers in this niche love discovering more about themselves and their place in the universe. They particularly love getting free reports about themselves (which easily convert to paid products).

#9: Diet/nutrition

Closely related to weight loss, but appealing to a broader range of people. These people are interested in what they put into their bodies for different reasons: For weight loss, for muscle-building and fitness, to solve health issues, or just generally because they want to live a long and healthy life.

#10: Muscle building

If weight loss is largely oriented at females, muscle building is the male equivalent. It’s also a massive niche. People are willing to spend big bucks to pack on more muscle and get better bodies. This niche covers aspects of weight loss, diet, training, and health supplements.

#11: Survival

A lot of people are worried about potential future economic disaster or natural disaster, and they like to read about ways to protect themselves, their families and their interests if the SHTF (sh**hits the fan). There are a lot of people aged 50+ in this market, and they’re highly political, so there’s a lot of places you can advertise (political lists, blogs etc).

What makes these niches so great?

They are “evergreen”.

People will always need to lose weight. People will always have problems with their dogs behaving badly. People will always need relationship advice. These niches will still be popular in years to come, so you’ll have a long-lasting business.

They are proven profitable

These are niches where I know that people are already making good money. Unless you’re an experienced marketer, I always recommend you look for niches where people are already making a lot of sales. There is always room for another person like you at the table because these niches are MASSIVE, and it’s a lot less risky than looking for the “next big thing”.

People are happy to receive emails about them

There’s a lot of money in erectile dysfunction, but do men experiencing this problem really want to receive two emails per week on this topic? How about hemorrhoids? In order for my system to work, you need a niche where people are interested in getting regular emails and advice. All these niches tick this box.

P.S: Want to promote erectile dysfunction products? Slot them into a men’s health newsletter sequence. There’s nothing saying you can’t promote these kinds of products or discuss these topics, just don’t make uncomfortable subjects the primary focus of the newsletter series.

Choosing a sub-niche

Once you’ve chosen a general niche you’re interested in, I recommend that you zero in on a smaller sub-section of that niche to focus on.

For instance, if you wanted to go into the self-help niche, you might focus on the law of attraction, anger management, or career development.

If you wanted to go into the dating tips for women niche, you might focus on online dating for women, or on how to attract men, or on how to keep your boyfriend once you’re in a relationship.

Like I said before, these niches are HUGE. Even if you’re just focusing on a small section of it, you can absolutely rake in the money, AND it makes marketing it a lot easier.

Finding affiliate programs

Once you’ve chosen one of the above niches that you like, begin looking for things you can promote. All the niches I’ve mentioned above have a lot of great products, so this part should be easy.


The first place I always look is It’s an affiliate network, it’s free to join and they accept just about everybody. There are a huge range of digital products that are easy to sell and have high commis- sions.

To find products here, click on “Marketplace” at the top of the screen.

Select one of the categories down the left-hand side of the page.

Then use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to filter those results down to the products you’ll be most interested in.

  • Gravity: Minimum of 6. Maximum of 100+
  • Avg $/sale: Minimum of $15. Maximum of $150+

Leave all the rest of the settings at their default.

If you need to whittle things down further, choose a sub-category from the left.

Other affiliate networks:

Besides ClickBank there are other affiliate networks you could try, like,, You might find some good products here too, although I would still recommend ClickBank as your first stop.

In-house affiliate programs:

Some companies choose to run their affiliate programs themselves, rather than through an affiliate network. If you find a product in your niche that you’d like to promote, have a look around their website to see if they advertise an “affiliates” area, or a “partner” program.

The more affiliate products you find to promote, the more chance you have of making multiple sales from your subscribers, and the easier it will be to promote to your newsletter list.


The next step is to create some “bait” to entice people to sign up for your newsletter.

This doesn’t always need to be an eBook or a written report, although these are the kinds of “bait” you’ll see most often. In some niches you could also create something like a printable poster, infographic, mp3 download, video, or whatever. The important thing is that it needs to be a digital download that people can receive immediately upon signing up for your newsletter.

It’s really important that your bait is top-quality stuff. It can’t just be rewritten Wikipedia entries, or nasty articles you’ve scraped from an article directory.

In my experience the best and easiest kind of bait is original, well-written content that solves a problem that your audience are likely having. I like using numbered lists (e.g., “Top 10 XYZ for ABC”), or high search-density topics.

Numbered list: In the dog training niche, a good free report could be Top 10 Dog Behavior Problems And How to Solve Them”.

The reason a report like this is good is because it has very broad appeal. Very few dog owners have a perfectly behaved dog. There’s also an element of mystery about it: What are the top 10 dog

behaviour problems? Does my dog do any of them?

And if he does, how do I solve it?

How to get a boyfriend” is a very popular search term, which indicates that a lot of people are interested in this topic. (And there is a numbered list — Seven Steps to Finding and Keeping a Man — thrown in for good measure.)

High search-density topic:

You might also pinpoint during your research that a highly searched for topic within the dog training niche (and something that many dog trainers recommend) is “alpha dog leadership”.

So you could create an eBook called How to Become The Alpha Dog”. This is an example of a high search-density topic. The high search density means that a lot of people are interested in it.

You can then offer short, simple answers in your free report. It won’t solve everything, but it will give them direction and an idea of what else they need to find solutions to their primary problems.

To understand what your readers need out of your information, head to forums and authority sites and look for the information that comes up often there.

Survival self defense is a broad-appeal and popular topic within the survival niche.
An example of a numbered report. The 7 Secrets to Make Them Love You Forever


Once you’ve got your niche and your bait, the next step is to create the newsletter sequence that will be dripfed to your subscribers, and that will generate sales and commissions for you.

Remember that this is part of the automation of your money-making machine: These emails do not get mailed out “live”, they go into a special software (called an autoresponder) that automatically sends them out to your subscribers at the appropriate time.

You just need to create the content for the sequence, and then the rest will be automated. You do need to create quite a lot of content up-front, but after that it’s plain sailing.

What makes a good newsletter sequence?

A really good newsletter sequence does two things.

It must build trust.

You do this by making your emails informative and authoritative. Give people lots of good, useful information for free on a regular basis and they will trust you.

It must sell.

Of course it must also contain links to the products you’re promoting so that you can earn commissions. Your goal is to maximize the number of people who click on these links.

Why quality is important​

It’s important that your newsletters are high quality because if they’re not particularly interesting, people will stop opening them. Therefore they won’t buy the things you promote.

So don’t just rewrite Wikipedia entries, or scrape nasty articles from article directories. Give your subscribers some real value.

The easiest way to ensure you’re giving your readers good content is to try to make every email solve a problem. Do your research, look in forums and blogs and discover what kinds of problems your audience are facing. Then solve them.

This email solves the problem of a woman feeling like a man doesn’t notice her anymore.

Why you need a long sequence

In my experience, you’ll get most of your sales within the first few weeks of someone signing up for your list. But
the many times I’ve found people will continue to buy from me for months and months (or years!) after they initially subscribed.

You can make good money from a shorter newsletter sequence (e.g. 2 months), but if you really want to maximize the amount of money you get from each subscriber, I’d recommend you make it longer.

How to make it sell?

It’s a lot easier to make sales from your newsletter today than it was five years ago. Today most merchants will have created video sales letters that are both interesting and informative, AND very good at making the sale.

So instead of having to pre-sell your readers with some carefully crafted sales copy, these days you can just say “Hey, check out this free video. It shows you X, Y, and Z. I don’t know how long it’s going to be available, so go watch it now!”

If there’s no video sales letter, the simplest way to incorporate a product into your newsletter is to tie it back to the problem you’re solving. If you know of a product that does a really good job of solving a particular problem, point this out.

 “One resource that I really recommend for ABC is Product Y. It covers X, Y, Z and everything you need for D, E and F. You can learn more about it here.”

Add your newsletter content to your autoresponder

Once you’ve created your content, the next step is to add that content to an autoresponder software.

An autoresponder is an online service that will automatically send your emails for you. It keeps track of when people subscribe to your mailing list, and drip-feeds them the right email at the right time.

Popular autoresponders include,,,

How do you get your emails into your autoresponder?

How you add your emails into your autoresponder varies depending on which service you use, but you’ll generally need to do the following…

Create a list. You can run multiple newsletters from the one autoresponder account, so the first thing to do is set up a new “list” for your website. When people subscribe through your website, they’ll be added to this “list”.

And then inside that list you’ll add your emails one at a time, and set the following for each email.

Subject line

Email content

When you want the email to send.

For this newsletter sequence you’ll probably choose for it to go out X days after signup, or X days since the previous email went out.


Once you’ve chosen your niche and got your bait and your newsletter put together, you need to give people some way for them to sign up for it. So you need somewhere to put a sign up form where they can enter their name and email address. The best way to do this is to build your own website.

Never built a website before?

If you’ve never built a website before you’re probably thinking that it sounds too hard. But these days it’s actually really easy to do, and costs hardly anything at all. Your only essential costs are a domain name like ($10/year), and some web hosting (ranges from free — $10/month)

After that, it’s pretty simple to build a basic website using a tool like WordPress which basically builds your website for you.

A word of warning
I don’t recommend that you use free or paid services like,, or to host and build your website. (Note that is different from the software called WordPress — don’t get them confused.)

Even though these other services can cut out a few steps in the process of building your website, you have to give up a lot of your own rights in return. Many will have restrictive policies on what you can and can’t publish on your website. (Some really don’t want you promoting affiliate products — which can be a problem!)

They are also able to shut down your site at any time, and it can make your website difficult or impossible to sell in the future.

This is why I recommend you build your own website and treat it like an asset.

Add some content to your website
Once your basic website is set up, you can brand it with your own logo and design and then start filling it with content.

Add your signup box to your website
This is the key!

Your autoresponder will give you a snippet of code to include on your website to create the signup form.

You can just paste this code into your website and you’ll be able to start receiving subscribers.

Then you just grab the code and paste it into your website.

The best places to put your signup form

There are four main places that I like to add a signup form:

At the bottom of an article

If someone was on my website reading an article on how to stop dogs chewing shoes, I could add my signup box to the bottom of that article. Ideally I would relate it to the article the visitor has just finished reading. “For more solutions to dog chewing problems, as well as solutions to the 9 other most common dog problems, grab my free eBook: Top 10 Dog Problems And How to Solve Them.”

In the sidebar of my website

This is less effective because it tends to be outside the flow of where a visitor is looking, but it can be a good solution for some pages.

As a popover

This is where the signup form appears over the top of the page after the visitor has been on the page for a certain period of time. You probably find them annoying in everyday life, but they are extremely effective.

As a squeeze page

A squeeze page is a special page where the sole focus is on getting someone to sign up. It could just be a signup form and nothing else.

Important: Make your signup box enticing

If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, you’ll get better results if you can really sell them the bait you’ve created. Don’t just say “sign up for my newsletter!”

I’d recommend you select 3 -10 exciting things that people will learn from your report, and present them as bulletpoints.

Learn the #1 mistake that people make when XYZ, and why it can really hurt your chances of ABC.

  •  Discover 5 ways to ABC.
  •  The simple trick that will improve your XYZ in less than X days.
  •  The 3 most effective ABCs.
  •  Why X won’t help you Y, and what you should do instead.
Another thing I like to do sometimes is give my ebook a dollar value. (Eg, “normally $47”). This makes it seem much more valuable to the subscriber.

This signup form puts a dollar value on the “bait”. Notice how the book and DVD image also makes it seem much more valuable.


Now you’ve got all the pieces you need to start earning money from your

money-making machine. All you need to do is get visitors to your website, and your money-making machine will do the rest.

Getting visitors (or “Traffic generation”) is a huge topic, and there are lots of ways to do it. Some of them are free, and some of them cost money.

Free ways of getting visitors:


The main method is through SEO (search engine optimization). This is where you optimize the content on your website and build links to your web- site so that it appears highly in Google when someone searches for a particu- lar keyword.

It can take a while to climb to the top of the search engines, so while you’re waiting you can use other traffic generation methods.

Referral and social traffic:

You can also spread the word about your website through social media and by directly telling people about your website on blogs, forums, and other places where your audience gathers.

Paid ways to get traffic:

Paid search engine listings:

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the main markets for paid search engine traffic. With these services you bid on certain keywords, and then you pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

Other paid methods:

Other options include Facebook advertising, buying ads on popular websites, and paying other webmasters with large email lists to promote your website to their list (called “solo ads”).


You might be very happy with earning a few hundred dollars a week from one of these money-making machine websites. But if you really want to hit the big time, you need to overcome your initial urge to pocket all your earnings, and instead reinvest a good proportion of it back into your business.

Buy more traffic:

Use your earnings to get more visitors to your website. More visitors = more signups = more money.

Build more money-making machines:

There comes a point where it makes more financial sense to put your money into building more of these money-making machines, rather than continuing to improve your current website. I also like to encourage this to “spread the risk”, or “not put all your eggs in one basket”, or “diversify your portfolio”. It’s just smart business.


I’ve made this whole process of setting up your money-making machine sound quite simple, but there are a few parts that can trip you up especially if this is your first money-making machine website.

1. It can be difficult to find good affiliate products to promote

Even if you land on the perfect niche, how do you know which products will make a profit and which ones will just eat into the goodwill and trust you’ve built with your subscribers, without any payoff?

You can use metrics like ClickBank’s Gravity score to identify products that are selling well, but this figure doesn’t tell you the full story.

In many cases the best way to tell if a product will sell is to examine the product and the sales page itself. This is easy for someone with experience to do, but if you’re new to online marketing you might not know what is good and what is bad.

2. Creating content is expensive OR time-consuming OR both

My money-making machine formula is heavily dependent on top quality content. You give this content away for free, and your subscribers reward you with their trust (and by purchasing the products you promote).

There’s no way around it: Creating this volume of quality content either takes a LOT of time and research (if you’re writing the emails yourself), or else it takes a lot of money to pay a top-quality writer to create it for you.

For a year’s worth of emails, you’re looking at AT LEAST $2000 to get them written for you. And even this poses its own problems: How do you find a good writer? How do you know the writing is actually good, and that it’s actually going to sell? You could easily chuck $2000 down the drain on emails that don’t actually make you money.

One trap that some people fall into is trying to cut corners. You might decide that you only want to pay $5/article, and so you end up getting low-quality emails full of fluff. Or you might simply grab a bunch of PLR articles and chuck them into your autoresponder sequence.

The problem with low-quality content is that it kills your list. They’ll stop trusting your opinion, and they’ll stop buying. Then they’ll stop opening your emails because they’re always full of rubbish. Then they’ll get so annoyed that they’ll just unsubscribe, or so many will report you as “spam” that your entire list gets shut down.

In all honesty, this is the biggest hurdle you will face: Creating the huge volume of top-quality content you need. But on top of that…

3. It’s hard to write emails that SELL

Even experienced marketers can have trouble walking the fine line between pushing a product too hard (so that your readers get annoyed at being “spammed” and unsubscribe) and pushing it too softly (in which case your readers continue to love you, but nobody buys).

It has taken me over 14 years to get good at writing emails that find this balance. In that time I’ve had a lot of horrible failures, where people have reported me for spam or unsubscribed. Or even worse they’ve just not bought anything!

It can be really sickening to think that when I’m emailing out to 80,000 people, just a slightly different way of saying something could mean the difference between making $10,000 and $50,000.

4. You need to learn a few technical skills

Even with the best instruction in the world, you will probably encounter some hiccups when setting up your money-making machine.

Setting up your website, registering a domain name, connecting your domain with your hosting, customizing WordPress, adding content to your site, setting up your autore- sponder… it can all be a little daunting.

The worst part is when you just want to get started, and you’re having to jump through all these irritating hoops to just get the most basic functionality working.

I have a friend who set up her first website last week, and was stalled for four days trying to get her domain name to co-operate with her hosting provider.

It only took me 5 minutes to update her nameservers on the back-end, and then another 10 hours just waiting for that to propagate, but these little hurdles can really trip you up and kill your momentum when you don’t know what’s wrong with the techni- cal side of things.

5. It’s hard to make it look professional and trustworthy

Nobody is going to sign up for your newsletter if it looks amateur. They just won’t trust you with their email address. So you’ll probably have to invest a little time and money into creating graphics and styling for your eBook and website so that they look professional.

If you don’t have the design skills to create a passable eBook cover or design a header for your website you’ll probably need to hire someone there too.

Note that “first impressions” on your website are important, and a bad first impression is the easiest way to kill signups. So if you don’t want to kill your chances before you even get out of the gate, it’s worth a little investment to get this right.

6. It’s hard to stay motivated

When there’s so much work for you to do: Deciding on a niche, figuring out what your audience needs, creating all that content, building your website, spending so much money and time just getting everything ready… it can be really easy to lose sight of the prize.

Remember what you’re working for here:

  • You can earn a full-time living from these money-making machines that practically run themselves.
  •  You can grow your business as much as you like, until you’re earning as much as you need. You’re your own boss, and you call the shots.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world you like. You can spend the Winter working from a tropical island in Thailand if you don’t like the cold so much. You could run your websites while exploring Europe by train. You only need to be able to get to an internet connection every now and again to see how much you’ve earned.
  • Whenever there is a big promotion happening (or any time you just feel like printing money) you can email out to your list, and watch the commissions come rolling in.
  • You’ll build yourself a permanent asset that can’t easily be broken or destroyed by a Google algorithm change. You could even sell your website for a hefty chunk of cash if you felt like it.

If you can keep all these things in mind while you’re struggling to put all the pieces of this system together, you’ll push through.

Or you could let me make it for you

Remember how my friend spent four days trying to get her website to work, and I fixed the problem in 5 minutes?

This is how I feel about creating these money-making machines. I have created so many of them that it’s really second nature to me now.

It could take you months and months to put together your money-making machine, but for me it only takes a few hours of planning. I have the staff, resources and knowl- edge to do the rest.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m rubbing salt in the wound here! But I do have a solution for you…

Would you let me put together your money-making machine for you?

Would you let me use my experience, my staff, my resources, and my technical team to set up your website and newsletter series for you, all ready to go, and for a fraction of the cost of doing it by yourself?

What would that be worth to you, to forget about jumping all the hurdles I mentioned before and just shoot you straight to the finish line?

If that sounds like a dream come true, here’s what I’ve come up with…

My team and I have spent the better part of the past 18 months developing a system that drastically reduces that time and money cost of putting together your money-making machine, for both newbie and veteran marketers alike.

It takes all the guesswork out of the process because it just GIVES you the content you need for your newsletter, GIVES you the bait you need to attract subscribers, and GIVES you a website all set up and ready to start customizing.

(These are the steps where people who try to do my system from scratch often get stuck.)
It’s not a PLR package. And I’m not offering you a cloned “turnkey” website with no originality (and no chance of succeeding). It is a LOT better than that.

I’ve created AffiloJetPack so that you never again need to worry about all the problems that can crop up when building a new site, and you can get to the “good part” much sooner.

Get The Complete Money-Making System For 5 Websites


$150 per Money Making Website
One Time Payment. Normal Price : $997.

There Is No Risk Getting The AffiloJetpack. You Either Start Making Money Like Super Affiliates, Or Get Your Whole Investment Back + $100 Guarantee From Affilorama.

What You’ll Get In AffiloJetpack

90+ top quality newsletters

We’ve produced more than 90 newsletters for each niche containing valuable, problem solving content. We can even upload them to an autoresponder at the push of a button so you don’t even have to copy/paste.

Hard and soft-sells of affiliate products built in

Every email in the sequence contains contextually relevant promotions of affiliate products. We’ve shaped the content of the newsletters to be highly relevant to the products they promote so that readers will be eager to check them out.

Each sequence also includes shorter, harder sells designed to drive click-throughs, and these are followed up by reminders in subsequent emails to really drive it home.

Hand-picked affiliate products

For each niche I’ve identified a wide range of quality affiliate products for you to promote, so you don’t have to dig around trying to figure out what looks promising. For many niches I’ve also found some hard-to-find inhouse affiliate programs that aren’t available through affiliate networks. (And I’ve already built these all into your newsletter series.)

3 mini-eBooks

For each niche, you’ll receive three mini-ebooks to use as “bait” for your list. The books are designed to appeal to a broad audience, and focus on common problems and popular interests in the niche.

eBook graphics and sales pitch

To make your “bait” more enticing, we give you a range of eBook graphics that you can use, as well as the exciting bulletpoints you can use in your signup box to “sell” your bait, so you don’t even need to write this.

Premium WordPress theme

We’ve developed a special WordPress theme called AffiloTheme that comes ready- installed on your website. AffiloTheme is the most newbie-friendly theme online today, providing easy access changes to your layout, color scheme, fonts, and much more without ever having to understand or touch a single line of code.

High-converting squeeze pages

AffiloTheme allows you to generate your own high quality squeeze pages quickly and easily with pre-built squeeze page templates. These templates are based on my best converting squeeze pages, so if you’ve ever found squeeze pages difficult to make, this makes it push button simple!

Build your website in minutes

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a website before. You can do it right from inside AffiloJetpack, and it just takes a few minutes. You can even purchase a domain name from inside AffiloJetpack and we’ll automatically set it up so that it just works. If you just want to get started fast without jumping through hoops and getting things con- nected, this makes it phenomenally easy.

Free web hosting for 1 year

Not only can you build your website in just a few clicks, but we’ll take care of the hosting for you too. When you use AffiloJetpack hosting you’ll also get all your affiliate redirects created automatically, and a custom email address for your domain (e.g,

20 “content cheat sheets”

If you need articles for your website, you really need unique articles for your website.

So we won’t give you a whole bunch of pre-written articles which you’ll have to

re-write anyway. Instead we’ll give you “content cheat sheets”, which contain a huge amount of research and ideas for creating unique articles.

These are better than pre-written articles because…

  • You can easily shape them to your desired keyword or topic

  • They contain so much useful information that even a low-quality writer can make a top-quality article using them. (So it costs you less to get articles written.)

  • You can give the same cheat sheet to two different writers and get two completely unique, high-quality articles. This is how I create a lot of content for my authority sites.

  • They give the structure for a high-quality article, so that even if you’re not the best writer in the world, you can easily paraphrase your way to a great article.

  • You don’t have to worry about duplicate content penalties. Your article will always be 100% unique.

Marketing ideas for each niche

Every niche has it’s own little tricks that work particularly well for driving traffic and building links. Inside each niche I give you a bunch of promotion ideas that are hugely effective in that niche.

Keyword research for each niche

Whether you’re thinking of promoting your website through free traffic or paid traffic, keyword data is an important thing to look at. I’ve got my developers to run a special algorithm that finds THOUSANDS of keywords in each niche, and pulls all the impor- tant data for them, and just downloads it all to a list. This dramatically speeds up your keyword research because you can just scan the list to find the best keywords for you, rather than running search after search after search in a keyword tool.

5 niches

You don’t just get one niche to build one of these money-making websites. I’ll give you FIVE niches so you can build FIVE websites. Choose from 18 hugely profitable topics, including my top 11 niches from earlier in this report.

Can you imagine having FIVE money-making websites just sitting there making you money on auto-pilot?

Who will get the most out of AffiloJetpack?


If you’ve never built a website before this is a fantastic solu- tion for you. AffiloJetpack makes it push-button simple to get your website online, and you don’t need to worry about making rookie mistakes. If you want to get it right first time, you need AffiloJet- pack.

Intermediate and advanced marketers

You’ll find AffiloJetpack valuable because you already know what it costs to develop quality content for your websites. You’re going to be absolutely gobsmacked at how much top quality material you get with AffiloJetpack. It shaves more than 90% off your start-up costs for a new website.

You’ve tried and failed before

If you’ve tried making money online before but you’ve gotten bogged down by the steep learning curve, AffiloJetpack com- pletely cuts out that learning curve. You don’t need to learn market research, or how to build a website, or how to develop content. And you don’t need to risk thousands of dollars creating a newsletter sequence. I’ll do it all for you, and it’ll cost you much, much, MUCH less.

See how you can save 90% off the time and money involved in creating a new website with AffiloJetpack


BONUS #1: Top-Secret Traffic Strategy Workshops

With almost everything done for you, your success hinges only on your ability to get visitors to your website.
So I’ll help you with that too in these exclusive traffic strategy workshops.

Video #1: Driving traffic with video marketing

In this video my special guest Mike Long shares how to use YouTube video marketing to drive loads of free traffic to your website. You'll discover not only how to drive traffic from YouTube itself, but also how your YouTube video can nab you a top spot in the Google rankings. You'll also see what a simple process it actually is to create and market your videos.

Video #2: Driving traffic using Amazon Kindle

Ever wished you could wind back to the clock to the days when it was easy to get top rankings in the search engines? Here's the current-day equivalent. In this video you'll learn how to drive traffic to your opt-in pages by making short 15 - 30 page books to sell in the Amazon Kindle marketplace. You can even earn money straight away from sales of these little $1 - $3 books. Get in on the ground floor here, before Amazon starts making it harder.

Video #3: Driving traffic with solo ads

Looking to jump-start your subscriber list with a huge spike of traffic? This is your ticket. A solo ad is where you find someone who already has a newsletter list, and you pay them to send out an email about your website. It's fast, it's targeted, and if you do it right... highly effective at getting the ball rolling (and the commissions started) on your own newsletter list.

BONUS #2: AffiloBlueprint 3.0: Step-by-step training for building your AffiloJetpack website

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Have you tried and failed before?

I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you by GIVING you my premier step-by-step training program, AffiloBlueprint.

AffiloBlueprint shows you how to do absolutely EVERYTHING. From finding profitable keywords to tweaking your website, to building links for SEO, tracking your sales, and driving even more traffic with PPC.

Never built an affiliate website before? Not really sure how to put it all together? AffiloBlueprint is the missing piece of the puzzle.

  • Shows you how to research a site, build it, get traffic to it, and take it to the next level.
  • Broken into 12 easy-to-understand steps.
  • Bite-sized video lessons make it easy to zero in on topics you need help with.
  • The complete method for implementing the AffiloJetpack system.
  • No experience required — so straightforward, even for complete newbies!

The Money Back +$100 GUARANTEE

I’m so confident that AffiloJetpack is going to practically FORCE you to make great money online, I have TWO guarantees for you:

Guarantee #1 : Your Money Back

If you don't like AffiloJetpack for any reason whatsoever, simply send my support team ( an email within 60 days and we'll refund your purchase.

Guarantee #2 : The "Total System Failure" guarantee

I'm 99% certain that if you follow this system to the letter and do exactly as I tell you to do, you WILL start making good money within 60 days.

If you use AffiloJetpack EXACTLY as I tell you and you STILL don't see see good results within 60 days, not only will I refund your money, but I'll also reach into my pocket and give you $100 of my own cash, just to say "sorry for wasting your time."

The catch is that I'll ask you to prove that you've REALLY tried these strategies and given them a fair go. That's only fair, don't you think?

What do you have to lose? Nothing, really, and you could even gain $100 for your time.

Get The Complete Money-Making System For 5 Websites


$150 per Money Making Website
One Time Payment. Normal Price : $997.

There Is No Risk Getting The AffiloJetpack. You Either Start Making Money Like Super Affiliates, Or Get Your Whole Investment Back + $100 Guarantee From Affilorama.

"I almost didn't buy AffiloJetpack because of the price. But now that I've used it I'd say to anyone else who might think it's too pricey... it is well worth the money. You'd end up paying a lot more if you were to pay someone to write all the emails, design all the graphics and put together all the articles. Even though it seems expensive right now, you're actually getting a GREAT deal with AffiloJetpack."
Johnny Santiago
"The best thing about AffiloJetpack is that everything is done for you, and all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your sites. It doesn't get any easier than that! It cuts out the confusion and analysis paralysis that stops newbies taking action. Even if you're a complete newbie you can set up a profitable site in no time."
Adjia Hakem
"What I like best about AffiloJetpack is that I can build and create websites in a snap. The thing that takes me the longest has always been finding quality content that I could be proud to show others. With AffiloJetpack, I can have four full websites set up within a day. I would recommend AffiloJetpack for both newbies and veterans, just for the amount of time it'll save you. Research, articles, newsletter messages, all done for you in various niches. You can't go wrong."
Bradley Burnie
"At first glance, affiliate marketing looks easy, you can't help but become seduced by the WOW factor when reading some of the success stories. But after spending a month analyzing & researching the guts of the business, I found myself becoming trigger shy & nervous about how long it would take to launch my first site. For that reason, AffiloJetpack is an excellent start-up kit for newbies. It provides the quickest route to launching your first site, and gives you the tools to stay relevant for a long while. Basically it gives new people a standing chance. It ensures that you start off on the right foot. I was very worried that my first site would flop, but AffiloJetpack gave me a very confident feeling. I don't feel like I'm walking into the boxing ring alone anymore."
Gregg Colonna
"AffiloJetpack is well worth the investment. The quality of the content is top-notch, and you get just about all you need in order to dive into a niche of your choosing. It saves you time so you can concentrate on more important stuff — like promotion. AffiloJetpack has supportive staff and a great community in the forums, and amazing content that has true value. It's well worth the money, and I highly recommend it."
"I didn't have any previous experience in internet marketing before purchasing AffiloJetpack, so at first I was a little worried that it might not effective or complete enough for me to be successful with it. Now that I've built my first affiliate website with AffiloJetpack, I can say that despite my lack of experience, I was able to get up to speed very quickly. AffiloJetpack gave me all the tips and information I needed to build my affiliate site and get it ranking well in the search engines."
H. Houly
"The things I like most about AffiloJetpack are the step-by-step instructions, and the friendly support from the Affilorama team, who actually care. I also love that I'm given niches that have been tested and already proven to be successful -- it really cuts down on trial and error. I would definitely recommend AffiloJetpack because it is so comprehensive, but also easy to follow. It is one of the best internet marketing and affiliate courses in the world, from an ethical marketer (Mark Ling) and his team."
Brian Jackway
"I recommend AffiloJetpack to anyone who wants to start out in internet marketing. Put all your money here — seriously. Forget all the other "gurus" and hot new items. Unsubscribe yourself from all those lists. They just confuse you and give you analysis paralysis. If you are serious and willing to put in some work, get AffiloJetpack. Follow the steps. Do it one step at a time and don't get overwhelmed. Keep it simple, and in no time you will have a killer site."
Eric Y
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